Our Patron Saint
St Anthony of Padua

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crossWelcome to St Anthony's!

St Anthony's Catholic Parish, established in 1940, serves the community of Coronationville and surrounding areas, and is a vibrant, welcoming Catholic community.

As children of the Father, led by the Holy Spirit through the example of the Son, Jesus Christ, we have committed ourselves to Growing an Evangelising Community which Listens, Cares, Understands and is Willing to Forgive.

The community, which consists of a number of diverse culutures, has in the face of many challenges over the years, learned to rely on each other and provide mutual support.

The Parish is heavily involved with Frederick Place and St. Theresa’s Convent, as well as other community-driven projects.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Pray for us

St Anthony of Padua - Pray for us

Mass & Service Times

Mass SchedulesMass Times:
Saturday        - 17h30
Sunday          - 09h30
Monday         - 09h00 (at Frederic Place*)
Tuesday        - 07h00
Wednesday    - 09h00 (at Frederic Place*)
                    - 19h00
Thursday       - 07h00
Friday            - 09h00
1st Friday       - 19h00
* Frederic Place is up the road at 54 Riversdale Street.

Eucharist Adoration
Tuesday         – 07h30-08h30
Wednesday     – 17h30 until Benediction at 18h45
Thursday        – 07h30-08h30
Friday            – 17h30 until Benediction at 18h45
1st Friday       - 15h00 until Benediction at 18h45

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
Saturday          – 16h30-17h25
Sunday            – 09h00-09h25
Wednesday      – 17h45-18h45
Friday              – 17h45-18h45


Quick Contacts

9991728Parish Priest:
Fr Richard Stonier
Cel: 0615846368 

Tel: 27 11 477 7503
Fax: 27 11 477 9283
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