Your Support is Crucial!

timeAll of the activities and worship opportunities at St Anthony's have been made possible through the loyal service, dedication and financial support of the women and men of faith who have made this Parish their spiritual home.

Today, more than ever, the witness of church is needed in a world that is sick, tired and worn out by strife and bitterness, crime and violence, a breakdown in marriages and family life, the easy availability of drugs, widespread immorality and personal worry and distress.

Through the generosity and faith of the people who have gone before us we have been privileged to worship in Churches or be educated in the faith, either in the Parish or at Catholic Schools, that have been provided and maintained through the sacrificial efforts of others. Now it is our turn to continue the work and mission of the Church and to take a greater part in the support of our Parish.

If you would like to share your time, talent or treasure to help in the spread of the Gospel, please have a look at our Ministries and Groups page to see if there is something there that attracts you.

Planned Giving

St Francis CrossWe are extremely grateful to all those parishioners who have generously supported our parish and especially those on Planned Giving (pledging) these past years.

If you are not already pledging, we sincerely ask you to consider doing so as soon as possible.

Why should you give money to the Church, you may ask?

The primary reason for giving is to demonstrate, in a very real and tangible way, our faith and trust in God. We are called to put Him first in our lives, and that includes our financial commitments. When we give sacrificially, we are demonstrating our trust and dependence on God in all areas of our life, beginning with our money. In addition, our giving supports the work and ministry of the Parish and the Church from which we benefit.

Why should you pledge? Can you not give through the Sunday collection?

A pledge is a commitment. It enables us to make a dedication to God. We are also able to plan properly and to enable the parish to do so as well. Like any household or business, the parish has to budget. This enables the parish to keep a control on expenditure, as well as ensure an adequate income to meet this expenditure. Imagine if our monthly salaries were entirely dependent on what our employers chose to give us at the end of each month!

Let us show our gratitude for the efforts being made to enable us to practice our Faith in a dignified and informed manner by helping financially.

If you want more information about any of the ministries or groups, or if you would like to offer your financial support, please contact us HERE.

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